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1. The IRATI XTREM BTT Cycle Event will be held on September 16, 2023 It will start in Otsagabia (Navarra), at 9.30am.

2. Participants must to be over 18 and federate members. A 2023 federation license is required. The Mountaineering License is accepted with BTT extension. Anyone who doesn’t have one will have to get one for the day of the race.

3. Only the number owner can collect it . To collect the number,  signing the compliance acceptance, the Federation license and ID are required. If the license is not presented, a day insurance will have to be contracted. If no ID is presented, the number won't be given. In any case the number will be given to anyone but the owner.

4. Registration is individual and non transferable. Any change will have to be accepted by the organization.

5. Participants without number are not allowed.

6. Some parts of the course are in open road. On these, the participants must follow the actual road laws. The participants will be fully responsible of the possible infractions they may do.

7. Use of helmet is obligatory during the event.

8. The organization will not be held responsible for:

- Accidents caused by or to any participant, as every participant must have their own personal insurance.
- Any cost, equipment loss or damage incurred during the race.

9. Free mechanical support during the race will be provided except for spare parts in different points of the course.

10. Some parts of the course go through open roads, there'll be some vehicles heading the riders but it doesn't mean they're closed for the event.

11. Circumstances can force race organizers to change and modify the course route or halt it temporarily if circumstances make this necessary.

12-In any case the riders will not be allowed to overtake the car/bicycle opening the event. Every rider not following this rule will be inmediately expelled out of IRATI XTREM BTT, his number taken out and he'll have to follow the course on his own risk.

13-  For  safety reasons, the riders speed could be controlled in some parts of the course by the organization's vehicles/bicycles. In this case, every command given by the staff must be followed.

14- Circumstances can force race organizers to cancel the race, in which case participants will be given all the gifts but registration payment will not be given back. The race will be suspended until next year.

15-In case the race is cancelled the organization will give the in the indicated place and time all the presents and the return the deposit but will not refund the inscription's amount. In any case personal deliveries will be made.  The race will be suspended until next year.

16-  Those participants who don’t appear on the event’s day won’t receive any refund or present.

17- Registering for the race means the acceptance of the rules and regulations and overiding all rights against the race organization for damage caused during the race.

18- The participant is obliged to give up all image copyrights for the pictures or videos taken in the event to the Organization, so they can be used for commercial purposes, to be shown in social networks, or any other needs the organization may find.

19- IRATI XTREM BTT is a GREEN EVENT so you must respect the Road Safety Laws and the Environment.

20- Irati Xtrem BTT takes place in a sensible natural environment, so the participants will have to take care of it.

All participants should therefore:
-Respect other route users.
-Avoid dangerous situations.
-Be aware of the risks implied.
-Respect road safety rules.
-Enjoy the views and respect the environment.
-Look after yourself and the route and don’t litter.

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