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As in 2023, there will be NO RANKING OR PRIZES in Crono Larrau any more. There will be timing and we will send you your time, but no one will get a prize for the result.

We believe everyone deserves the same recognition and applause whatever their time was in the climb. Some will need more time, some others less, but we are sure EVERYONE is giving it all on each pedal stroke.
That’s why, we’ve decided nobody will get a special recognition with a prize.



1 - Crono Larrau is part of Irati Xtrem and its regulations apply here as well.

2 – Timing is OPTIONAL and it’s necessary to cross the time control points witht the chip to register the time.

3 – To participate it’s obligatory to be affiliated (R.F.E.C.) or contract the day insurance we offer.

4 – The timing is done with a chip. 

5 - The participants MUST respect the road safety laws, and they’ll be responsible for any infraction they may do. The Crono Larrau takes place on open traffic roads. Those not obbeying the law will be expelled of the event and next editions of it.

6 – Your time will be sent to you privately.

7 – Crono Larrau starts at 13.30 in Larrau town. No timing willbe taken before that hour. The timing will be closed at 16:00 in Larrau town and 17:45 in the Larrau top.

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