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Friday 14
· Number picking from 17.30h. to 21.00h.

Saturday 15
· Number picking from 7.30 to 8.30.
· 9.00 Start
· 13.00 Col d'Errozate closing
· 13.30 Crono Larrau Time Trial start
· 16.00 Crono Larrau Time trial start closing
· 17.45 Crono Larrau Summit closing

Shirt number collection

The collection of Shirt numbers is personal and nontransferable. Participants must present their ID document and Federation License at the time of signing the acceptance of conditions. Failure to show the license will entail taking out a daily insurance policy. Failure to show the appropriate documentation will prevent the shirt number collection. Under no circumstances may a third party collect the shirt number. 

No Shirt numbers
Cyclists without a shirt number will not be allowed to participate in the race unless ahead of the starting car or behind the last vehicle, but never in between.

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